Ring Size Guide

What's my ring size?

Ring sizes can vary widely from person to person but the most typical sizes in Australia for adult women are: Small: N-O, Medium: P-Q and Large: R-S. 

For adult men the most typical sizes are Small: T-U, Medium: V-W and Large: X-Y.

You can use the table below to help you if you already know your size.

You can also try this handy app to find your size if you’ve got a ring you already wear on the finger you want the ring on. You use the app to line up against your existing ring and it will give you your size.


Or alternatively measure the inside diameter in mm of an existing ring and we can calculate it for you.

If you need any help determining your size please don't hesitate to contact for help at hello@rockandvestige.com.au


 A 0.5 12mm  37mm
 B 1 12.5mm  39mm 
 C 1.5  12.75mm  40mm 
 D 2 13.25mm 41mm 
 E 2.5 13.75mm  43mm
 F 14mm  44mm 
 G 3.5 14.5mm  45mm 
 H 14.75mm  46mm 
 I 4.5  15.25mm  48mm 
 J 15.75mm  49mm 
 K 5.5  16mm  50mm 
 L 5.75  16.25mm  51mm 
 M 6.25  16.75mm  52mm 
 N 6.75  17mm  53mm 
 O 7.25 17.5mm  55mm 
 P 7.75  17.75mm  56mm 
 Q 8.25  18.25mm  57mm
 R 8.75 18.75mm  59mm 
 S 9.25  19mm  60mm 
 T 9.75  19.5mm  61mm 
 U 10.25  19.75mm  62mm 
 V 10.75  20.25mm  64mm 
 W 11.25  20.75mm  65mm 
 X 11.75  21mm  66mm 
 Y 12.25  21.5mm  67mm 
Z 12.75  21.75mm  68mm 
Z+1 13.25   69mm
Z+2 13.75   70mm
Z+3 14.25   71mm