Lay-Buy Purchases

If you’ve got your eye on one of our gorgeous pieces but want some time to pay, then don’t worry.

We’d hate you to miss out, so we offer lay-buy on all our pieces.

All you’ll need is a 25% deposit and then we’ll give you up to 3 months to pay.

Use the ‘Put it on laybuy’ option at checkout and select how you’d like to pay it down.

We’ll keep it safe and sound until you’re ready.

Once it’s all paid for we’ll send it on it’s way to be loved and adored by you.

*Laybuy deposits/payments are not transferable to other items.


Lay-Buy FAQ’s:

Is it safe & secure?

All LAY-BUY payments are automatically setup in PayPal.

Can I select the down-payment % I want to pay?

You are presented with a dropdown menu to select the down-payment you want to pay (25% minimum).

Can I select how many months I need to pay-off the balance?

You will be presented with a dropdown to select how many monthly instalments (3 months maximum).

Are there any ongoing costs?

No ongoing costs - only a once-off admin fee. Admin fee amount depends on order value.

The amount is displayed to you when on the payment plan page, prior to being directed to PayPal for payment.

The admin fee amount For AUD is currently:

1.9% for orders over $300

2.9% for orders $200 to $300

3.9% for orders $100 to $200

4.9% for orders $50 to $100

$1 to $5 for orders below $50

Are there any interest charges?

No interest charges ever.

Are there any late fees?

No late fees ever.

When do I receive my purchase?

You receive you purchase after your final payment.

How are Lay-Buy instalment payments paid?

Lay-buy instalment payments are auto-paid from your linked card in your PayPal setup.

How do I ensure all Lay-Buy instalment payments are paid?

You must ensure there is always funds available for your linked PayPal account.

Can I manually make payments towards my Lay-Buy order?

No - all Lay-buy payments are automated via a recurring profile in your PayPal setup.

Can a customer settle a LAY-BUY earlier?

Yes - please contact us directly to revise payment your plan.

What happens if a payment is missed?

PayPal will then auto attempt again in 5 days, two more times.

What happens if I can't complete my payments and have to cancel my order?

You will be charged a 20% termination/restocking fee and any additional payments made on your laybuy will be returned you in full.

Am I and R&V told about a missed Payment?

Yes, PayPal send an email notification to both parties.

How do I catch up a missed payment?

We will invoice you for a missed payment, and move status in on our records to paid.

Can a I see my payment plan?

Yes, you can login to your PayPal account – go to settings >> payments >> pre-approved payments to view.