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This wonderful Vintage bracelet features 7 round Cabochon Operculum’s, with lovely lustre and shine. There are no markings, and as such to date this piece accurately was not possible.  It is a Vintage bracelet, and I would place it in the C 1910 -1930 range.

Set on Silver plate, and in wonderful condition, clasp is secure, shows signs of wear, typical with age.

Operculum’s are in excellent condition.


What is Operculum? (pronounced – ‘oh-per-kew-lum’) – Latin for lid or cover

Operculum is a natural ‘gemstone’ – beautiful and eerily similar to eyes, they are in fact part of a special freshwater or marine snail’s shell.

The operculum sits across the opening of the snail’s shell, so when the snail retracts inside, the ‘trapdoor’ closes to protect the snail against predators.

The appearance of Operculum is typically round shaped with a flat base, and is hard and calcareous when dry, much like a seashell. Because of their eye-like appearance they are sometimes called ‘cat’s eye, ‘evil eye’ or Shiva’s eye’.

Operculum became a huge fad during the Victorian Era and was typically set in Silver to form bracelets, necklaces earing, and cuff links.

Length: 18 cm

Weight: 30.6 grams